Water Meter Powogaz 3 Inch Cold Water

Nubis is propeller, dry water meter Woltman’s type, with horizontal impeller axle, parallel to pipe axles. Nubis water meters are characterized by modern construction and technology solutions, which make them long-lasting and perfectly proved in cooperation with pulse transmitters and remote system for measuring data readings.

Water meters are assigned to industrial measurements of water usage up to 30 degrees of cold water and up to 130 degrees of hot water in relatively regular and strong flaw rate. Construction of the water meter gives possibility of mounting on horizontal, vertical and inclined water supply systems with counter set upwards, sidewards or in medium position H-V.
Optionally, there is available version of water meter for demineralised water for DN40-150 (cold and hot water) and with the input for pressure sensor (M14x1,5) for DN50-150.


  • „„Permanent and efficient construction, ensuring the flow of water in low loss of pressure and easiness in assembly in random waterworks installations.
  • „„Lowered weight of water meter.
  • Interchangeable and unified metering layer fitting to several sizes of body and assuring optimal water meter management.
  • „„Standard water meter is suitable for remote readings in AMR system.
  • The possibility of mounting the water meter in the intermediate position without the influence on the metrological parameters, larger possibilities in designing and modernizing new used water meters connections.
  • „„Very good anticorrosive and mechanical qualities of paint coat (powder paint- epoxy).


  • „„Resistant to the external magnetic field, according to EN14154-3
  • Low starting slow rate
  • Wide measuring range
  • Ease read-out due to a freely adjustable rotary counter dial placed in the casing
  • Possibility of electronic check-up of the metrological parameters of the water meter
  • „„Modular structure
  • „„Removable measuring insert in covered casing
  • „„Magnetic clutch

Propeller water meters construction can be divided to: body, measurement mechanism and counting mechanism. The water flow activates the impeller mounted in a measuring mechanism. The rotor is positioned coaxially or perpendicular (vertical) to the duct system of the body and through the screw-worm wheel drives the magnet located on the axis. Through the magnetic coupling the water volume is shown on the counting mechanism.

For measuring of consumption of greater amounts of cold water with a temperature up to 30 °C or 50 °C, or hot water with a temperature up to 130 °C, on the maximum working pressure up to 16 bar (PN16). Suitable for installation in the horizontal hoses (pipelines) with the counter directed upwards (H), in vertical or horizontal hoses with the counter directed sidewards (V) or in diagonal hoses (H/V). MWN water meters in standard version are equipped with six-barrel counter (IP65, IP68 – optional) and painted cast-iron housing. Water meters are adapted to operation in the systems of remote data transfer (AMR).


Metrological Class

Type MWN

  • Cold water R100÷200 – H, V
  • Warm water R25÷40 – H, V

Tyype MWN-G

  • Cold water R100 – H, V
  • Warm water R40 – H, V

Features :

  • Preequipped for installation of: radio module for communication in the Wireless M-Bus and impulse module (not applicable to water meters for hot water and versions with NK, NO, NKO and NKOP transmitters)
  • Wide measuring range
  • Low starting rate
  • Removable measuring panel
  • Double-sided rotor bearing
  • Easy reading of the water meter counter
  • Hermetic counter – IP68 on request ****)„„
  • Counter mechanism with blockade against multiple rotating, at rotation angle more than 360°
  • Readings reliability
  • In special option housing with connection for pressure measurement DN50-300 (cold and hot water)
  • Optional version for demineralised water DN40-125 (cold and hot water)
  • On request possibility of another drilling



Nominal diameter (DN) : 80mm

Temperature class (Working temperatures range) T30 (0,1÷30°C), T50 (0,1÷50°C) : MWN (without transmitter) or MWN (with transmitter) in NK, NO, NKO, NKOP option

Constant flow rate Q3 : 100 m3/h

Overload flow rate Q4 : 125 m3/h

Transitional flow rate Q2 : 1 m3/h

Minimal flow rate Q1 : 0,625 m3/h

Starting flow rate : 0,25 m3/h

R measuring rate Q3/Q1 : 160

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