5 – Beam ultrasonic flowmeter for custody transfer of liquid hydrocarbons

  • Custody transfer accuracy and repeatibility
  • Excellent long-term stability and high reliability
  • Multi product
  • Wide viscosity range, from LPG to heavy crudes
  • No on-site calibration required

KROHNE’s ALTOSONIC V has established itself as the standard in multibeam custody transfer flowmetering. The absence of obstructions or moving parts in the pipe, ensures no wear or pressure loss. This, in combination with larger meter sizes permits simplified configuration of metering systems. For example no strainers and less parallel lines are required.

Operation is maintenance free. No periodic calibration is required, drastically cutting cost for on-site equipment and procedures. This all results in considerable cost savings in both capital (CAPEX) and operation expenditure (OPEX).

New line extensions make multi beam flow metering a more cost effective and viable alternative for low viscosity applications. There is also a line extension for extremely difficult heavy crudes.


  • High reliabilty
  • Compliant with OIML R117 and API
  • No K-factor shift: no periodic re-calibatrion required
  • No incidents of unscheduled interruption of operation since the introduction in 1996
  • Rugged and reliable construction
  • Large dynamic rang
  • Bi-diectional flow measurement
  • Integrated diagnostics



  • Oil and Gas
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical



  • Offshore FPSO and platforms
  • Production site / field
  • Crude oil pipelines
  • Terminal loading and off-loading
  • Refineries
  • Multi product pipelines





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