Portable Thermal Fogger Petroleum – Based Pulse – Jet Powered Dyna-Fog

Compact, ultra-light weight and powerful, the addition of the Superhawk XP to the superhawk product line offers yetanother option for public health officias and otherindustry professionals. Powered by the same reliable Dyna-Fog Stainless steel engine, the Superhawk remains themachine of choice by health ministry professionals, Mosquito control departments, pest control operators and others. It’ sultra-light-weight … Read morePortable Thermal Fogger Petroleum – Based Pulse – Jet Powered Dyna-Fog

Dyna-Jet L-30

Dyna – Jet L – 30 The word’s most teknologically advanced ULV applicator High-volume axid blower 1.350 cubic Ft/min. ( 38.3 cu. m/min ) provider an extra large swath width ensuring complete coverage 15-gallons ( 57 liter ) lockable formulation tank. Tranlcent design allows for quick level viewing Super-accurate FMI pumping system features a lockable … Read moreDyna-Jet L-30

Tornado and Mister III PDS 03_16

MISTER III Pulse – Jet Engine Thermal Mister Dispenses wettable powders, emulsifiable concentrates and flowables with a non – flammble carrier at a eare of up to 12 GPH. Mister III Pro gives you easy, realible strats. Fast economical and total coverage. Mister III Po has the versatility to dispense fungicides, insecticides, germicides, and dicinfectants … Read moreTornado and Mister III PDS 03_16