SHM Ultrasonic Handheld Flow Meters

Description SHM Ultrasonic Flow meters is designed to measuring and checking flow velocity, flow rate, accumulation and heat quantity of different liquids. The main board is suitable for all kind of transducers (clamp-on, insertion, standard etc). It is up to date, high function, low price, good reliability, Great accuracy easy to use. Application : A … Read moreSHM Ultrasonic Handheld Flow Meters

BSW Multi Function Sewage-PC Flow Meters

DESCRIPTION BSW Sewage – PC Flow Meters : Analog/Mechanical Flow Meter for Water or Waste/Sewage Water is an epoxy coated cast iron with plastic cap, it has great flow rate measure and resistant to light chemicals and corrosion. An eonomic versin of SHM Sewage Flow Meter, for indoor used, sharing the same specification plus one … Read moreBSW Multi Function Sewage-PC Flow Meters

SHM Vortex-TP Flow Meters

DESCRIPTION SHM Vortex-TP Flow Meters : Digital flow meters with for gas, liquid and Vapor, body, shedder and sensor all made from Stainless steel SUS 316L. Converter housing made from epoxy coated aluminium capable in harsh process environment. APPLICATION SHM Vortex-TP Flow Meter series is suitable for oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, heating power, spinning, papermaking, … Read moreSHM Vortex-TP Flow Meters