Jual SANWA Slim Compact AMT AP33

Small pocket size Elastomer material absorbs shock from fall High-durability nylon-women copper lead Using elastomer material improves flexibility and reduces the strees on the lead wire and probe when bent. Bandwidth : 40 – 10kHz ( 50V and below )

Jual SANWA For power line VS-100 ( with case )

Current-limiting fuse, 100kA breaking capacity, is installe For lower voltage circuit ( 500V and below ) with large capacitance Current limiting fuse are that can interrupt 100kA, is installed All ranges are protecyed from input voltage upto 500V Carrying case Bandwidth : 40 -10kHz ( 50V and below )

SANWA Laser Power Meter LP1

Optical power up to max. 40mW measurable direct reading wavelenght customization Wide optical power measurable range Silicon Photodiode Sensor can be all neatly contained and protected within yhe folding case. Max/ Min hold Auto power save ( 30 min ) 500mm sensor cord