Jual Multi Gas Detectors MSA Tankscope II

The Tankscope II with its new IR hydrocarbn sensor is specially designed for tankers with inert gas systems. It can also be used for pre-entry check and as a pesonal monitor for maintenance [cleaning/inspection/repair] work in the tank. Based on the successful design of the ORION plus the tankscope II is easy to handle, simple to use and comes with a detailed graphic user interface that clearly displays all required information. Tankscope II is delivered with rubber boot and shoulder strap.

ATEX II 2G EEx ia d IIC T4/T3
MED 96/98/EC
EN 50014-20, EN 50104, EN 61779, EN 50271

  • 10063901 Tankscope II, IR HC, Butane, O2, NiMH
  • 10063902 Tankscope II, IR HC, Propane, O2, NiMH
  • 10063903 Tankscope II, IR HC, Butane, NiMH
  • 10063904 Tankscope II, IR HC, Propane, NiMH
  • Leaflet 08-172.2 GB

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