Portable Gas Detectors MSA ORION Plus

The ORION Plus combines all the exceptional features of the ORION with the addition of a class leading choice of toxic and infra-red sensors. The range of toxic sensors availabe includes ammonia, chlorine, hidrogen cyanida, ozone, phosgene and phosphine among others. Small handly and reliable, it is probaly the most practical and intuitive 5-gas detector on the market today. The fully grapic user interface clearly displays all five channesl-Ex, O2, a choice of two toxic sensors and one IR sensor [CO2 or combustible gases]- simultaneously. ORION plus is delivered with rubber boot and shoulder strap.

ATEX II 2G EEx ia d IIC T4/T3
MED 96/98/EC
EN 50014-20, EN 50104, EN 61779, EN 50271

  • 10046094 ORION plus P, Ex, Ox, CO, H2S, CO2, NiMH
  • 10046095 ORION plus P, Ex, Ox, CO, CO2, NiMH
  • 10046096 ORION plus P, Ex, Ox, H2S, CO2, NiMH
  • Leaflet 08-170.2 GB

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