Cyclone Ultra 2736

Cyclone Ultra Model 2736

the Cyclone Ultra with is its 2 – stage blowerand rugged matering valve assures particles under 20 microns regardless work in areas such as hospitals, restaurants, greenhouse, etc.

No more guesswork. Now you can apply pesticides deodorant, fungicides, duct, sealant, disinfectants miticides, etc. Much safer, more efficietly and more economically. The cyclone can be used in an anlimited variety of indoor/outdoor applications requiring 5-20 micron droplet.


Blower : Continuous duty, 20.000 RPM. With repleaceable brushers.

220/240V AC, 4,2 Amps, 50/60 Hz

Flow Rate : 0-2.4 oz ( 70 ml/min ) via matering valve

Droplet Size : 5-20 Microns ( VMD )

Thak Capicity : 1 gallon ( 3.8 liters )

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