Dyna-Fog Huricanne Portable Fogger

Product Description

An electric fogger designed to handle both water and petroleum based product disenfectant, deoderizers, germicides, and insecticides for large or small areas. Fully adjustableto allow you to control your rate of application more accurately. There precision nozzles rather than one combine to give you much greater output.

Capacity. lightweigh, weighs less than 7 lbs. Translucen 1 gal. Thank lets you check your liquid level easily. The body of this extremely durable applicator is made from high density polythylene, chemical – resistant material. Size 13″ L x 8 ” W x 14 H. Operates on a continuous duty 6.85 amp, 50/60 cycle, 20.000 rpm, 110 – 120 V AC motor. Available in 240 V trought special order.

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