Centrifugal Pump GIN FS

General Introduction to Product :

FS anti-corrosion centrifugal pump consist of three component, water pump, sealing and electrical motor. The water pump sucks along the axis in centrifugal worm case structure. The pump rotates in counter-clockwise from the view of driving end. Single-face mechanic sealing is mounted between pump and motor. Anti-corrosion washer is used as static sealing.

Application and Condition :

This series pump is widely used for the transportation of corrosive liquids such as, acid, alkaline and salt wish max, pressure of 0.5 MPa in food, pharmaceutics, chemical, textile, metalurgy and paper making industries.

Transportation temperature is max. 80°C and the medium shall be acid, alkaline and salt liquidcontaining no grains.

The pump shall not be used for the transportasion of the chemicals (for example, aromatics, haloid of fatty hydrocarbons ketone, and concentrated acid and alkaline etc) that strongly reach with hard PVC.

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