Outlines :

XBD-ISG ( ISW ) sub-type single- suction fire pump single-stage and single-suction multi-stage two kinds of style for non-delivery of water and solid particles of similar pysical and chemical properties of liquid water only. Main pressurized water for fire-fighting system, but also can be used in factories and mines to the drainage. Transmission range of the flow of liquid 5-80L/s, the pressure range of 0.2-2.25 MPa, matching the scope of the electrical power for the 1.5-200kW, the range of diameter ɸ 250 mm.

Used :

XBD-ISG (ISW) type fire pump is mainly used to send fire fighting system pressurized pipeline water, also apply to industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building pressurized water, well from the water, heating, bathrooms, boiers, air-conditioned and well-being pressurized water cooling system and equipment supporting water and so on.

Features :

  1. Pump compact, small size, beatiful apperance of its vertical structure Installation of small ffotprint, and its center of gravity center of coincidence in the pump stability and service life.
  2. Pump intake and vomiting are the level of export orientation, simplifying the piping connections
  3. Muti-level type can be inhaled and spit the month can be installed into the same rxpor direction or 90°C, 180°, 270° in several different directions to meet the needs of non-connection with the occasion
  4. Pump pressure can be increase or decrease in water levels and cutting impeller diameter be met, without any change in the installation area, which is the other pumps, Dont have
  5. Pump around the rotor with a smaller degree, to runa smooth vibration small, noise low tone long life

Structure Description :

XBD-ISW, XBD-ISW-type fire pump from the motor and pump is cmposed of two parts, pumps and electric line, pumping structures, including pump body, impeller, pump Import and Export levels in the same axis, and the specifications of the same caliber, decorative extremely convenient, small foorprint. Pump with the installation of seats, easy to install and increase the stability of pump operation, pump density the use of mechanical seals, closed with a sealed and reliable, non-leakage characteristics. Pump impeller for axial force by the ring to balance the balance. Import and Export of pumps according to 1.6 MPa pressure flange design, pipeline convenient package.

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