Waster Water Effluent Submersible Pump HCP 100AL27.5


  • Equipped with Auto-cut, silocon carbide double mechanical seal, epoxy cable base treatment
  • Pump water resistance can reach IP68 Grade
  • Entire cast iron structure and compact design
  • High head and efficiency for wide range design
  • 7 1/2HP and 10 HP triangular Handle design, for easy handling on quide rail system


  • Waste water drainage for all industries
  • Pumping surface watern drainage and flood water
  • Extraction of water from ricer and lake
  • Pressure reducing design

Performance Spec

HP (kW)10 (7.5)
Discharge4 ” (100 mm)
Phase (ø)3
Start MethodDirect
Head29.5 m
Capacity1.0 m3/min, 60 m3/h
Solid passage20 mm
Weight81 kg
A565 mm
B342 mm
C283 mm
D689 mm

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