• For general information concerning the operation of a hydraulic control valve, please consult our general machine (serial K)
  • Extensive range including two different design
    XG design :
    – Large flow capacity
    – Low head lost
    – Watertight at zero flow rate
    XGS design :
    – Particullary suitable for pressure reduction
    – Better cavitation resistance
    – Watertight at zero flow rate
  • Construction
    – Self-lubricated double guided mobile unit
    – Ductile iron body and bonnet
    – Stainless steel seat for standard version until DN 400 and DN 600 XGS design
    – Power epoxy coating
    – Stainless steel bolting
    – Stainless steel pilit circuit tube and fittings
    – Pilit circuit strainer with screen in stainless steel
    – Individually packed
  • Easy operation and maintenance
    – Visual position indicator with manual drain
    – Including isolating valve (s) for pressure gauges
    – Equipped with opening speed controller”HO” (DNS design , and DN 150 to 400 XGS design only)
    – Chamber isolating valve independent from the adjusted the speed controller
    – Maintenance without disassembly from the pipeline
    – Easy dismanting from the top
    – Drain plug (stainless steel)

Technical Data

  • Range
    – DN 50 to 600 for XG design
    – DN 150 to 700 for XGS design
    – DN 800 to 1000 XG and XGS design
  • PN 25
  • Maximum temperature +1°C to +65°C
  • Seating class A according to standard ISO 5208-2
  • Face to face dimension according to standard EN series 1 except DN 1000 and ISO 5752 series 1 (except)

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