Pressure Gauge WIKA Model 342.11


  • For gaseous and liquid media that are not highly viscous or crystallising
  • Precision measurement in laboratories
  • High-accuracy pressure measurement
  • Testing of industrial type pressure gauges


  • nife edge pointer and dial with mirror band scale for optimal accuracy of reaading
  • Precise movement with wear parts  of argentan
  • Particulary easy-to-read scale due to nominal size 250
  • Scale ranges up to 0…1,600 bar



EN 837-1, including transport case and acceptance test certificate (individual listing of

the calibration points)

Nominal size in mm


Accuracy class

0.1: for scale ranges < 0 … 400 bar

0.25: for scale ranges ≥ 0 … 400 bar

Scale ranges

0 … 1 to 0 … 1,600 bar

or all other equivalent vacuum or combined pressure and vacuum ranges

Adjustment medium

≤ 25 bar: Gas

> 25 bar: Water

Pressure limitation

Steady: Full scale value

Fluctuating: 0.9 x full scale value

Permissible temperature

Ambient: -20 … +60 °C

Medium: +100 °C maximum

Temperature effect

When the temperature of the measuring system deviates from the reference

temperature (+20 °C): max. ±0.1 %/10 K of full scale value

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