Pompa Pedrollo EASYPRO

Specification Product :
Power :

KW : 1.5
HP : 2
Volt : 230
Hz : 50/60
Current : 16 A
Fittings : 1″x1″
Flow rate : 12 m3/h
Variable start – up pressure : 1:5 bar
Inlet : 1″
Outlet : 1″
Berat : 2.43 kg
Performance Range

  • Max flow rate 200 l/min (12m3/h)
  • Working pressure 8 bar
  • Restarting pressure 2 bar

( Adjustable between 1 and 5 bar )

Applications Limits

  • Maximum liquid temperature +65°C
  • Ambient temperature up to +40°C
  • Burst pressure 32 bar
  • Protection : IP 65
  • Voltage : 230 V – Frequency : 50/60 Hz-Max current : 16 A

Construction and Safety Standards

  • Resinated and easily replaced electronic card for complete protection from humidity, fitted in the case with an IP 65 protection
  • The electronic card inside EASYPRESS has undergone the tstrictest test of electromagnetic compatibility.

Patents-Trade Marks-Models

  • Registered EU Design n. 976824
  • Patent Pending n IT 1388969, IT 1388970
  • EASYPRO registered Trade Mark n. 0001334546

Options Available on Request

  • Version with 1″ NPT ports
  • Version with cable and schuko plug and socket

Installation And Use

EASYPRO stand out from the traditional PRESSURE FLOW SWITCHES because of a number of innovative chracteristics :

  • The air filled integrated expansion tank
  • Selection of the restart pressure of the pump
  • The bck-lit LCD display

Pump Start Pressure
Easypro enables you to select the restart pressure of the pump, between 1 and 5 bar.
The pressure is selected using the control button and following the instructions on the lcd display. One model covers a wide range of installation requirements.

Surge Tank

EASYPRO includes an incorporated 3 litre surge tank.
The substantial accumulation volume combined with its ability to ansorb excess pressure, a typical surge tank characteristics, make it suitable for use in installations where other pressure flow reguators may prove inadequate. In order to guarantee optimum protection and accumulator performance, it is possible to adjust the tank pressure, the factory setting is 1,8 bar, based on the pump start pressure selected.


GSR special three-piece joint with an o-ring seal (1″M)

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