Pompa Centrifugal Nocchi DHI 43M/44M


The DHI series centrifugal pumps offer the following, the following benefits :

  • High hidraulic pressure and flow rate performance
  • Minimum electrical energy consumptions
  • Extremely silent operation

Application :

  • Aggresive liquid transfer
  • Pumping and distribution of water in domestic system used on a continous or intermitten basis
  • Booster systems
  • Washing systems, garden irrigation, fountains
 DHI 4-40 MDHI 44 M
Nominal Power HP04-Mar1
Nominal Power KW0.550.75
Volt230 V230
DHI 43MLiter/minute406080100120
 Total Head (M)2422181612
DHI 44MLiter/minute406080100120
 Total Head (M)3331272216

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