Pompa Celup Nocchi/ Submersible Pump Nocchi Priox 420/11A-460/13A


Info :

The PRIOX series pumps are made entirely of stainless steel. They work completely submerged in the pumped liquid that cools the motor extrenally. Manufactured on the vortex operating with the impeller seet back. Automatic version equipped with float switch.

Application :

  • All applications of pumping and draining effluent, civil and industrial sewage with suspended solids
  • Pumping stations with one more pump for civil and industrial plants

Specification ;

Output375 watt
Volt220 V
Total Head11 M
Capacity Max400 l/m
TypePRIOX 460/13A
Output400 watt
Volt220 V
Total Head13 M
Capacity Max40 l/m

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