Robust solution for high temperature liquids

  • Accurate, repeatable and long-lasting performance
  • Efficient bundle waveguide technology
  • Flow measurement even under harsh process conditions

UFM 530 HT is a dual beam ultrasonic flow meter for crudes and a broad range of refined products, that are processed under extreme conditions (high temperature / high pressure). Also for accurate flow measurement of synthetic heat transfer oil at extreme high temperatures (500 °C) and rapidly changing temperatures, the UFM 530 HT offers a unique solution.

The UFM 530 HT with its robust industrial construction performs with minimum operational – and maintenance costs, due to a solid fully welded construction without any moving parts and hence no wear.
UFM 530 HT is a combination of a UFS 500 HT flow sensor and a UFC 030 signal converter. The UFC 030 signal converter is installed separately from the high temperature UFS 500 HT flow sensor.


  • Major measurement even at temperatuers up to 500 °C
  • Excellent long term stability and reliability
  • No moving or intruding parts
  • Robust construction, resistant to corrosive and abrasive products
  • Dual parallel paths for Reynolds independency
  • Wide selection of materials, sizes and pressure classes


  • Petrochemical – refineries:
  • Vacuum distillation unit (VDU)
  • Topping unit (atmospheric installations)
  • Visbreaking unit
  • Coker unit Renewable energy – concentrated solar power (CSP):
  • Solar field heat transfer circuit
  • Thermal salt tanks
  • Power block


  • Furnace flow measurement
  • Recycled product
  • Reduced crude
  • Vacuum residues
  • Long residues
  • Heavy bottom products
  • Synthetic heat transfer fluids (HTF)
  • Molten salt


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