Temperature Measurement – OPTITEMP TT 60 C/R Transmitter

Universal high-performance Profibus PA transmitter

Thanks to the digital output, transmitters in the OPTITEMP TT 60 C/R series feature extremely accurate measurements as well as sensor and process information. With five connection terminals, new functions such as two redundant Pt100 in 3-wire connections are included. Programming is done either using the Krohne / Inor software ProfiSoft via PC or using the Profibus network.

The OPTITEMP TT 60 series consists of 2 different versions in terms of mounting. The TT 60 R is the the rail-mount version whereas the TT 60 C is primarily intended to be mounted in a “B connection head” or larger in accordance with DIN EN 50446. Alternatively, you can also mount the in-head version on a DIN rail according to EN 60715 with the help of an optionally available rail mounting kit.

Output: Profibus-PA
The TT 60 C in-head transmitter is available in both: non-incentive and intrinsically versions


    • Up to 125 transmitters in one Profibus network
    • Profile version 3.0, A & B
    • Completely universal, linearized and separate
    • Input:  Resistance thermometers, Thermocouples, mV and Ω
    • Double Pt100 in 3-wire connection and TC input
    • Several outputs: Input value from channel 1 and channel 2, process value to scale, redundancy with double sensor elements,  arithmetic functions (difference, mean value, min. and max.)
    • Easy wiring, large center hole
    • Sensor error correction
    • 50-point linearization: each sensor can be adapted
    • Excellent sensor monitoring functions such as: sensor break, sensor short circuit, detection of low sensor isolation, sensor drift
    • Robust Design, tested for 5 g vibration
    • Integrated in the Siemens PDM system


    • Chemicals
    • Oil & Gas
    • Power industry
    • Iron, Steel & Metal
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Food & Beverage
    • Pharmaceutical

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