Jual Pressure Reducing Valves Socla C102

Applications and General Characteristics :

  • This valve controls and maintains a preset reduced downstream pressure regardless of variations in demand and upstream pressure (the setting of downstream pressure is always below the upstream pressure)
  • Equipped with two identical pilot valves. The addition of a second pilot allows uninterrupted working while servicing one of the pilots or ease the change of a different pressure setting
  • Equipped with heck valve, it closes automatically in case of backflow (C102C)
  • This valve reduces the pressure in network of water distribution, irrigation or pump outlet
  • It allows the maintenance of a pilot while working

Working Principle :

Tpe C102 works like a pressure reducing valve type C101. Only pilot M is working

Only pilot M is working. Its setting can be different or similiar to the setting of second pilot M.

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