Gear Pump Kundea KT-5

Features :

High suction and the max. Viscosity up to 45000 cps for liquid conveying. Extra temperature insulation units are optional.

The shaft bearings completel separated from liquid conveying systems.

Mechanical seal, oil seal or teflon cotton yarn units are available for customers.

Purpose :

For pumping various kinds of syrup, jam,milk beverages, lubricants, heavy oil, asphalt, acetone, glue benzene, plastic resin , synthetic resin, DOP, Coating ceramic paint, paint,….etc.


Bore 2 Inch
Rev. Speed480 rpm
Pressure 2 kg/cm 
Water capacity180 l/min
Power3 HP
Pressure 5 kg/cm 
Water capacity160 l/min
Power7.5 Hp

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