Flowmeter Electromagnetic FLOWMA DN 20


WMG21 series electromagnetic flow meters are specializing in measuring conductive liquid (conductivity > 5µ/cm). These series flow meters have high applicability for low flow rate, sewage, acid and alkali liquid, low abrasive slurry. Our product have advance intellective-tech, field show abd communicator.
WMAG21 series electromagnetic flow meter.


Electromagnetic flow sensors WMAG30 are precision measuring devices, suitable for determing the flow rate of nearly any electrically conductive fluid, but also for subtances such as sludge pulp and paste. Due to the magnetic field the device can be used to measure flow rates up to 12 m/s (39.3 ft/s) and a minimum conductivity of 5µS/cm, when using a syinchronized static field. The entire measuring device comprises a flow sensor and a dedicated transmitter. Those can be delivered either separetely or as a compact unit.. The electromagnetic flow sensors WMAG30 are applied mainly in the following.

  • Water and sewage plants
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Mining, cement and mineral mate
  • Pulp and paper industry, energy industry
  • Steel industry, public utilities

  • Offer easy installation, User-friendliness operation
  • Keep in long-time use in 150 degree hot water
  • Highly temperature sensor
  • High temperature indusrial components
  • Insulating temperature parts between sensor and converter

Technical Data

Velocity range0.01 ms to 10 m/s
Accuracy±0.5% or ±0.2% ten point nonlinear correction auto zero circulation and empty check function bidirectional measurements electrode
Size3/8 inch to 72 inch
Pressure ratingPN 1.6 to PN40 Mpa. Class 150/300/600/900 JIS 10K/20K
Body Materialsus 304 or 316 L stainless steel
Flange MaterialCarbon or sus 304 or 316L stainless steel
Process connectFlange or threaded or clamp connect
Lining materialptfe, chloroprene rubber, fep, pu
Electrode material316L, hastelloy alloy, titanium, tantalum
Power supply24DC or 110 VAC or 220VAC
Output signal4-20mA and pulse
Alarm signalHigh and low alarm output
CommunictionHart or RS485(modbus)
DisplayLCD, 4 line, flow rate and total flow
Unitm3 liter, gallon, ton (t), kg
Fluid Temperature Up to 180°C


Dn 200.1111DN 1254.4441500717065
Dn 250.1818DN 1506.463560010210170
Dn 320.2929DN 20011.3113070013913840
Dn 400.4545DN 25011.3113080018118080
Dn 500.7171DN 30025.5254390022922890
Dn 651.19119DN 35034.53461100028328260
Dn 801.81180DN 40045.24521   
Dn 1001.83282DN 45057.35722   


DN 10160DN 250400
DN 15160DN 300500
DN20160DN 350500
DN 25160DN 400600
DN 32160DN 450600
DN 40200DN 500600
DN 50200DN 600600
DN 65200DN 700700
DN 80200DN 800800
DN 100250DN 900900
DN 125250DN 10001000
DN 150300DN 12001200
DN 200350DN 14001400

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