Electric ULV Mister THE CHIEF 700TM HAAISE

Technical features

A. Tough Workman’s nachine built for Heavy Duty Commercial Use

The cief – 700 is patented and unique in terms of care, Service and Maintennce :

  • Minimal Service Tools are Required ( 1 x Wrench, 1 x screwdriver ) to dis – assemble anf reassemble the entire machines all pants.
  • It is Field Strippable-pretty much BY HAND-of major components including All Electrical Replacement requirement. The CIEF-700 can be dis-assembled an re-assembled by HAND
    – Motor/ Filter/ Anti- Torque Block Replacement- no tool required
    – Noozle Replacement/ Cleaning/ Service – no tools required
    – Formulation Tank Replacement/ Cleaning – no tools required

The Chief- 700 is constructed chemical Resistant High Grade Virgin HD Polythylene.

The CHIEFF-700 has :

  • a Powerfull 700 Watt samsung Motor
  • an anti-torque effect elimination assembely-with a purpose designed”anti-torque’ block and bracket preventing motor spin and twisted wiring.
  • an Internal heat shield-dramatically reducing Air Friction Heat to Motor/Nozzle Housing.
  • All metal Liquid/ Air Delivery Components – except for 2 External flexible nylon liquid Delivery Tubes.
  • All fittings are BRASS-no plastic bolts/nuts stainless steel fitting are optional.

The CHIEF- 700 features THREADED SCREW CAPS-Closures ARE NOT secured with metal to pastic screws.

Technical Specification :

Motor/Blower SamsungVAC/HZ AMPS WATTS RPM230-240 Volt/50/60 Hz 5.6 700 wATTS 37.00+/-1500
AIR VOLUME OUTPUT 2910 Its/minute
VACUM 24.0 kPa
FORMULATION TANKCapacity in Liters with Graduated marking4lt STD (5ltd, 6lt with 9lt Optional)
FLOW RATE VALVEAdjustable/ Variable Output Maximum Flow RateNeedle Valve, Brass, SSTL ( Optional)
 Maximum Flow Rate60 lts/Hr
SET  FLOW RATE VALVESFSFR Valves, Bras SSTL Optionalset of 5#20-5lts/Hr, #28-10 lts/Hr, #37-16lts/Hr, #42-21lts/Hr, #47-26 lts/Hr
DROPLET RANGEVisible *meter15-20 meters
Droplet Size is determined by formulation ( Solution ) Flow rate adjustments, High Flow rate = larger droplets. Low rate = smaller droplets. The viscosity of the formulation ( Solution )also effect droplet sizing.
NOZZLEVertical in that the  spray swirls on exitNOVA-MISTTM Vortical Adjustable Nozzle
 Face Plate Replaceableyes
 Air Bleedyes
Material ConstructionMotor Housing/NozzleHDPE
 Formulation TankHDPE
 Protective Tank ” Boot”Rubber
 FittingBRASS, SSTL-Optional
 External Delyvery LinesNylon
 Internal Delivery Line-Housing & TankBRASS, SSTL-Optional
 “O” Ring Matereial/in Tank FilterVITON
Multi-Purpose UseAplication Of Insectisides,Fungicides, Foliar, Fertizers, Disenfectants, Sanitizer 
Tank Opening PortYes-Each comply with W.H.O. G uidelines>90 mm diameter
Formulation Filterin-Tank Push on FilterSSTL Mesh with VITON Support
WarrantyConditional24 Month
Shipping Dims 36.0cm x 36.0cm x52.0 cm
Volume (Packed0Cubic Meter0.07 m3
Weight ( kgs) 5.5 kgs
Srew Cap AsemmblyNo srew-plastic to plstic. Motor is secrured by a srew Cap Formulation Tank + Housing secured with a srew cap, Formulation Tank + Housing secured with a srew Cap
Internal Sound DampnerNoise Supressor Capacitor
Heat Sink- Sink-Heat shiedFor Motor Protection
Torque ConrtolMotor Torque Conrtol to counter the motor wanting to spin inside of the housing-Completely elimination electric wiring twist
2 Part WringTo allow easy removal motor from the attached wiring for maintenance purpose

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