Krohne Converters IFC100W

Detail Krohne Converters IFC100W Electromagnetic flowmeters – IFC 100 Signal converter The more than economical solution Simple and easy to install and start-up Diagnostics of device and application Extremely fast signal conversion The IFC 100 electromagnetic signal converter is designed to measure the flow velocity, conductivity, volume and mass flow of electrically conductive, liquid media. … Read moreKrohne Converters IFC100W

Krohne Altosonic V12

Detail Krohne Altosonic V12 Krohne Altosonic V12 Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter The Krohne Altosonic V12 Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter has a unique chord arrangement enables it to generate diagnostic data for places where traditional ultrasonic meters gathered too little information or none at all: firstly at the pipe wall itself, scanning with reflection. Secondly, in close proximity … Read moreKrohne Altosonic V12


Detail KROHNE UFM 530HT Robust solution for high temperature liquids Accurate, repeatable and long-lasting performance Efficient bundle waveguide technology Flow measurement even under harsh process conditions UFM 530 HT is a dual beam ultrasonic flow meter for crudes and a broad range of refined products, that are processed under extreme conditions (high temperature / high … Read moreKROHNE UFM 530HT


Detail KROHNE METAL DEVICES DK32.34.37 Using the purely mechanical version as a base, you can add or replace electronic modules, scaling functions to your needs. Anything is possible, from analogue flow measurement without auxiliary power to digital integration into a fieldbus system Just twist off the cover, insert the module until it clicks, twist the … Read moreKROHNE METAL DEVICES DK32.34.37