Water Meterp Powogaz with Vertical Rotor AXIS MP-01 DN50

MP-01 is a dry Woltmant propeller water meter with the vertical rotor axis which is perpendicular to water supply lines. The water meter features modern design and technological solutions which makes it durable and perfect for operation with pulse transmitters and remote reading systems.
For measuring of consumption of greater amounts of cold water with a temperature up to 30 °C or 50 °C, or hot water with a temperature up to 130 °C, on the maximum working pressure up to 16 bar (PN16). Suitable for installation in the horizontal hoses (pipelines) with the counter directed upwards (H). MP water meters in standard version are equipped with six-barrel counter (IP65, IP68 – optional) and painted cast-iron housing. Water meters are adapted to operation in the systems of remote data transfer (AMR).
  • easy installation in water supply systems
  • modular design which significantly eases servicing
  • immunity to external magnetic fields acc. to EN 14154-3
  • low start threshold
■Comfort of use:
  • supports remote radio reading
  • reading with NK and NO transmitters
  • ease of reading due to
  • free alignment of the counter from 0 to 360° (rotational installation in the shield with cover)
  • hermetically sealed counter, resistant to fogging
  • tested and robust design
  • high operating durability due to modern high abrasion resistant materials (on bearings and journals)
  • interchangeable and unified metering insert for various body sizes
  • excellent corrosion and mechanical resistance of paint coats (epoxy powder coats)


  • the water meter in standard version supports AMR remote reading
  • alarm signalling – the water meter with the radio interface can issue alarms e.g. about removal or breaking of the interface, interface operating disturbances, backflow, leaks, etc.
  • two-point rotor bearing system
  • external adjustment system
  • wide metering range
  • supports electronic testing of water meter metrological parameters
  • magnetic clutch
  • the NKOP version is adapted for NK and NO transmitters without re-verification


  • Parameter : MP-01, MP-01–XX
  • Nominal diameter (DN) : 50 mm
  • Temperature class (operating temperature range) T30 (0,1÷30°C), T50 (0,1÷50°C) : MP-01 (w/o transmitter) or MP-01 (w/transmitters) in -NK, NKP, NO, NKO, NKOP version
  • Continuous volume flow : 25 m3/h
  • Volume overflow : 31,25 m3/h
  • Transition volume flow :0,5 m3/h
  • Minimum volume flow : 0,31 m3/h
  • Starting threshold : 0,05 m3/h
  • Metering range R : 80
  • Ratio : 1,6
  • Reading accuracy : 0,0005 m3

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