Vacuum Pump KUNDEA KBV-2

Features :

To water vapor or eroded gas, it can enhance its performance. Since it uses water cycle vacuum instead of oil it can eliminate dust, vapor and adequate water pressure (0.8 – 1 kg) as well as preventig horse increased because of excessive water.

Specification :

Power2 Hp
Rev. Speed (m3/min) 
720 mm Hg (40 torr)0.39
695 mm Hg (65 torr)0.47
670 mm Hg (90 torr)0.48
650 mm Hg (110 tor)0.49
Inlet Orifice (Inch PT)1
Outlet Orifice (Inch PT)1
Liquid Orifice (inch PT)0.25
Liquid Sealing7 l/min

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