SANWA 3phase Detector KS3

Motor rotation direction testtable

  • Phase sequence and open phase checking of three-phase
  • Rotation direction check by turning three-phase motor shaft manually
  • Bright LED indicator

Safety : IEC61010- 1 CAT.III 500V, IEC61557-1,7, IEC 61010-2-030, IEC61010-031, IEC61326-1

MeasurementMotor rotation open phase and phase sequence
Voltage range3 phase, line voltage : AC75 – 500V ( Sine wave continuous )
Frequency40 Hz-400Hz
Size / MassH128XW72XD38mm/approx.210g
Standart accessories icludedAlligator Clips ( CL-KS 0, Test lead ( TL-KS ) Instrument manual, Carrying case ( C-KS2 )

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