Portable Gas Detertors MSA TITAN

The Single-Gas Cobustible Detector from MSA has a straightforward single-button operation which prevents any unintentional operation. The TITAN also has excellent alarm features with four ultra bright alarm LEDs [visible from all sidel], sweping frequency horn, flashing alarm flag on the display and optional vibrating alarm. Extremely durable and reliable-it will stand up to the roughest handling in the toughest environments.

More over, the TITAN is equipped with a mSA 20 L sensor, which extends its service life. TITAN will take either a NiMH battery pack or an alkaline battery pack, both of which are interchangeable in hazardous areas.

ATEX II 2G EEx ia d IIC T3/T4
MED 96/98/EC
EN 50014-20, EN 61779, EN 502271

  • 10028884 TITAN, Methane
  • 10031501 TITAN, Propane
  • 10031500 TITAN, Pentane
  • 10029053 TITAN, NiMH Rechargeable battery
  • 10029052 TITAN, NiMH rechargeable battery with vibrating alarm
  • Leaflet 08-166.2 GB

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