Portable Gas Detection MSA PULSAR+(Plus)

The brand new fully user configurable PULSAR+ Single-Gas Detector is reliable, easy-to-use and durable. with sensor options for CO, H2S, O2 this unit will provide most advanced performance and stand up to the roughest handling in the toughest industrial environments. An outstanding triple alarm system – audio, visual and optiona vibration – reliably alert the user in any alarm situation. The patented high performance solid elctrolyte button sensors eliminate the possibility of sensor leakage.

The PULSAR + will protect you in various applications such as fire service, oil refineries, steel mills, pulp and paper mills, confined spaces, water and waste treatment facilities and other industries, where these gases are a concern.

EN 50014-20

  • 10041276 PULSAR+ CO
  • 10041274 PULSAR+ CO, vibrating
  • 10041272 PULSAR+ CO, fire
  • 10041273 PULSAR+ CO. vibrating, fire
  • 10041284 PULSAR+ H2S
  • 10041282 PULSAR+ H2S, vibrating
  • 10041280 PULSAR+ O2
  • 10034278 PULSAR+ O2, vibrating
  • Leaflet 08-526.2 GB

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