Pompa Semi Jet Nocchi NJ100/JT100 Auto

NJ100/JT100 AUTO Info :

The JET Series-priming pumps combines the functional benefits of centrifugal pumps and the practical benefits of self-priming pumps. The ventury system the pumps are fitted with guarantes optimum hydraulic efficiency and considerable pressure capacity.

Application :

  • Pumping and distribution of water in domestic systems used on a continuous or intermitten basis
  • Booster systems
  • Wasing systems garden irrigation, fountains
  • Pumping from well or tanks
 NJ100 & JT100
Output100 W
Volt220 V
Max Suction11 M
Max Thrust37 M
NJ100 & JT100Liter/Minute40302010
 Total Head (M)12182432

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