Pompa Elevon CR-5N

ELEPON FEEDER CR-N AND CRM Series designed as the direct-motion diaphragm injection pumps as safe and multipurpose pumps and also low-cast pumps.

These pumps are used as the injection pump for water treatment chemicals or the chemic al injection pumps for many other kinds of fields.

Features :

  • Wetted parts of the pump resist fluids wide range
  • Standard types (up to 30 mPa.s) and high viscosity types (up to 2.000 mPa.s)
  • The compact design features less parts, and maintenance and inspection is easy. Hose connection and flange connections are also posible
  • The small capacity pump (models CR-1N to CR-3N) uses a planetary gear two-stage reduction mechanism, and medium and large capacity pumps of 200W or more use a worm gear reduction mechanism to provide long term worry-free continuous operation.
  • The discharge volume can be manually adusted regardless of whether the pump is running or stopped
  • Adjustment of the qauantity of discharge by the manual operation is possible any time when the pump is in operation or is not in operation.


  • Corrosive chemical solution, acids and alkalis
  • Photograph developing solutions, fixers, bleaching solution and inks
  • Sea water, salt water and pure water
  • Soy sauce, vinegar, brewery, and fruit juice
  • Plating solutions, surface treating apparatus, and filtration system
  • Medical apparatus, physicochemical apparatus, and thermostatic baths
  • Drugs, chemical and cosmetics
  • Etching apparatus for electronic parts, and photochemical processes
  • Dyeing equipment and waste liquid treating units
  • Alkaline batteries and storage batteries
  • Refrigerators cold counter nd coolers
  • Vending machines for beverages, and ice machines
  • Laboratories test rooms and test plants processes
  • For hot water circulation
  • Other apparatus and equipment


Single Head Type 50 Hz

  • Capacity : 260 – 2.600 (250-2500) ml/min
  • Maximum Discharge Pressure : 0.5 Mpa
  • Motor Rating Output : 3-phase 200V 0.4 kW
  • Connection Size
    PVC ACRYLICS : JIS 10 K 20A Flange
    SUS : R 3/4
    PVDF : JIS 10K 20A Flange
  • Weight (PVC) : 32 kg
  • Suction Head : -1.5 m

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