Pompa Elepon SL-20SN

The seal-less pump SL Series are of the magnetic drive type centrifugal pumps, which incorporate permanent magnetic the motors and by menas of these magnets synchoronously turn the impeller to produce fluid flow. The pum housing is made of corrosion resistant polypropylene. With magnetic as mechancal seals, packing gland, etc. The possibility of liquid leakage resulting in these, clean up and possible corrosion attack to the pump it self and surrounding equipment is eliminated.

Features :

  • Leak-Free
    Since the pump less no power transmission shaft, it has no shaft sealing parts such as mechanical seals and gland packing at all. The hermetically sealed pumping chamber is absolutely free from leakage of the liquid handled to the outside
  • Corrosion Free
    Highly chemical resitant polypropylene, flour rubber and ceramics are standard materilas for wetted parts. These offer a wider range of pump applications
  • Maintenance – Free
    The pump is designed with the absence of any sealing parts makes maintenance and inspection the simplicity itself. So durably, the pump withstand sustained continious operation


  • Corrosive chemical liquid, acids and alkalis
  • Photograph developers, photograph filters, bleaches, inks
  • Seawater, vinegars, pure water
  • Pating solutions surface treatment liquid
  • Medical equipment, scientific liquid, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics
  • Electronic component etching liquid
  • Dyeing equipment, waste liquid treatment equipment processes
  • Hot water circulation, freezers, water-cooled show cases, air conditioners
  • Drink vending machines, ice machines
  • Laboratories, test chambers, test plants

The material of the impeller that contacts the liquid must be selected to match the above applications.


  • Pump casing : PP + Glass fiber
  • Rear casing : PP + Glass Fiber
  • Impeller : PP + Glass Fiber
  • Bearing : Rareflon
  • Pump Shaft : Ceramics
  • Thrust Shaft : Ceramics
  • O-ring : FKM


  • Connection Size
    Suction : 25
    Discharge : 25
  • Maximum Performance
    Max Capacity : 87 l/min
    Max Head : 6.3 m
  • Rated Performance
    Capacity : 33 l/min
    Head : 5 m
  • Motor
    Output : 200 W
    Power Source : 1-phase 100 V
    Rotational Speed : 2800 min-1
  • Weight : 8 kg

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