Pompa Centrifugal Nocchi Multi EVO A8-40

Multi EVO-is an horizontal multistage centrifugal electric pump with an axial thereated suction port and a rasial thread discharge port. The innovative, high-efficiency hydraulic system is connected to a test generation motor with household mechanical seal. All model are certified with household water.

Electric pump in the Multi EVO series offer the following advantages :

  • High level reliability-thanks to the resistant and ainnovative design
  • Silent operation-inproved user comfort thanks to its silent operation
  • Compact form
  • Wide range of performance levels for the residential market
  • Excellent priming capacity

Specification Pump :

  • Hydraulic performance conform to ISO 9906:2012-Grade 3B
  • Type of liquid : lean water with no suspended solids or abrasive material
  • Maximum liquid temperature 50°C
  • Maximum operating pressure 8 bar

Technical Specification :
Model : Multi EVO A-8-40
Nominal Power : 1.6 HP 1.2 kW

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