PD Meter SATAM ZC17 12

Positive Diplacement Meter

Model ZC 17

The Satam Positive Diplacement Meter (PD Meter) is a system with freely-moving blades used to measure petroleum products such as fuels, bio-fuels and refined liquid hydrocarbons and non corrosive chemicals.

Its simple design with only two pairs of blades and one moving rotor makes it exceptionally robust and allows the user to make significant savings on maintenance costs.


Sector of Application :

Oil Depots

For oil product reception and loading stations for tank truck, tank car and ships.

Hydrocarbon transportation

Distribution of fuel oil or fuel by road tanker

Aircraft Refuelling

Aircraft dispensers and aircraft fuelling tankers


Depot supplies and loading of trucks

Transport companies

Refuelling of locomotives, trucks and public transport coaches.

Marine applications

Refuelling of ships

Mining sites

Refuelling of trucks or site machinery


Key points

Reduced pressure loss

0.3 to 0.5 bar at maximum flow rate

Low maintenance costs

Simple and robust design with mechanical components interchangeable between the different models.

Stability of measurements

Accuracy of measurement guaranteed over a period of many years without any drift in the calibration curve.

Modular design

Wide range of accessories for performing customized measurement applications.

Robust construction

Flowmeter manifold is separated from measurement chamber to eliminate any possible influence of external mechanical stresses on measurement accuracy.


Technical data – PD meter ZC17 12

Application : Custody transfer metering of liquid hydrocarbons

Max. Flowrate (m3/h – L/mn – USGPM) : 12-200-53

Min. Flowrate (m3/h – L/mn – USGPM) : 1.2-20-5.3


DN : 2’’

Flanges (standard) : Standard Satam

Flanges (option) : ASA 150 RF


Manifold : Aluminum

Casing : Aluminum

Front and back cover : Carbon steel with protective coating

Rotor – Blades – Gaskets : Aluminum – Graphite – Viton (option nitrile)

Operating conditions

Max. pressure (operation) : 10 bar -150 PSI

Max. pressure (EC/MID certificate) : 8 bar

Max. viscosity : MID : 20mm²/s (cSt) – Operation : 800 mm²/s (cSt)

Liquid temperature : -10 °C to +55 °C

Ambient temperature : Standard : -20 °C to +55 °C – Option : -40 °C to +55 °C

Pressure drop at max flowrate, 3,7 mm²/s (cSt)  : 0.45

Internal construction Cyclic volume (L – USG) : 0,33-0.08

Metrological performances

Accuracy : < 0,15 % / Option < 0,1 % For 10 : 1 measuring range

Repeatability : < 0,02 %

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