PD FLow Meters Ultra Oval

General :

A highly accurate positive displacement flowmeter capable of supporting a wide range of applications for water, petroleum, solvent, etc. Instantaneous and total flowrates can be indicated in the field and output signal is also available.

Features :

  • High accuracy: ±0.5% RD (Option: ±0.2% RD)
  • Metering chamber is of a pocketless configuration and is applicable to a wide range of liquids including chemicals liquid.
  • Battery-powered model is also available (battery replaceable)
  • Low pressure loss, high durability
  • setting and changing parameters, flow monitoring, etc. are available through communication

Specification Product :

Model : Standard

Nominal size : 10 to 50mm

Connection : JIS 10, 16, 20, 30K flange, ASME/JPI 150, 300 flange

Flow range : 0.2L/h to 44m3/h (9types)

Operating temp. range : –10 to +120°C

Max. operating pressure : 2.94MPa (depends on connection standard.)

Accuracy : Within ±0.5% or ±0.2% of reading

Power supply : DC-powered or battery-powered

Body material : SCS14

Output : Analog, pulse

Configuration : Explosionproof or non-explosionproof, IP66

Applicable fluids : Water, gasoline, light oil, heavy oil, etc.

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