Multi Gas Detectors MSA ORION

The ORION Multi-Gas Detectors has everything you need in a portable monitor for the detection of O2, H2O, CO and combustible gases. It is easy to use, reliable and built to withstand the roughest handling. ORION is available either wit an alkaline module or rechargeable NiMH module. It is delivered with battery charger. Internal pump and datalogging are optional.

ATEX II 2G EEx ia d IIC T3/T4
MED 96/98/EC
EN 50014-20, EN 50104, EN 61779, EN 50271

  • 10036133 ORION Pump Ex, Ox, CO, H2S, NiMH
  • 10036095 ORION Ex, Ox, CO, NiMH
  • 10036135 ORION Pump Ex, Ox, CO, NiMH
  • 10036096 ORION Ex, Ox, H2S, NiMH
  • 10036134 ORION Pump Ex, Ox, H2S, NiMH
  • 10036132 ORION Pump Ex, Ox, CO, H2S, Alkaline
  • 10036092 ORION Ex, Ox, CO, Alkaline
  • 10036131 ORION Pump Ex, Ox, CO, Alkaline
  • 10036093 ORION Ex, Ox, H2S, Alkaline
  • 10036130 ORION Pump, Ex, Ox, H2S, Alkaline
  • Leaflet 08-169.2 GB

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