With the indicator housing made of stainless steel, the H250 M40 R withstands attacks from salt fogs and contaminated precipitates. It can be reliably used in corrosive atmospheres and is perfectly suited for use in spray water zones, such as in the food and beverage industries as it features ingress protection type IP69K.

Unique to date: The indestructible stainless steel housing is also available on request in an explosion proof version for use in hazardous areas.

As a high-temperature variant, the H250 M40 HT measuring device is suitable both for very high product temperatures up to +400 °C / +752 °F as well as cryogenic applications down to -200 °C / -328 °F. The increased distance between the measuring tube and the display makes it easier to insulate the measuring tube.

Globally approved for hazardous areas

H250 M40 from KROHNE offers a universal Ex-design across a wide range of usage zones and protection types.

All electronic components are designed intrinsically safe and non-sparking and can be used in areas that are explosive due to the presence of gas or dust. As an option, the same components, featuring a safety housing, can be installed as explosion proof devices. One device can thus accommodate the different regional explosion protection strategies.

H250 M40 is ATEX-, IECEx- and FM-approved for the USA and Canada and also according to NEPSI for China. In addition, the measuring device also features other local approvals such as INMETRO, CCOE/PESO, KGS and EAC/GOST-R.

Whether it‘s intrinsically safe or explosion proof – the devices are designed as IP66/IP68 or NEMA 4X/6 as standard. An IP69K version is also available on request.


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