Hot Water Meter Sensus WP-QF 2 Inch

Main Characteristics :

For Hot Water Up to 130°C

Sealed register watr proof (IP 67)

Sealed register may be rotated through 360°

Up to 3 pulserscan be fitted without breaking th meter seal

Maximum corrosion protection by powder coating

Not affected by external magnetic fields

Interchangeable measuring element

Application :

Flow sensor for heat meters

Measuring of hot water up to 130°C (overloadable up to 150°C) in hating systems with pressure up to 25/40 bar

Technical Data  :

Nominal Diameter : DN 50

(Qmax) Max. Peak Flow (few minutes) : 30 m³/h

(Qn) Continuous Flow (±3%) : 15m³/h

(Qt) Transitional flow (±3%) : 1.8 m³/h

(Qmin) Minimum Flow : (±5%) : 1.0 m³/h

(Qmin) Starting flow : 0.25 m³/h

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