Dosing Pump Pompa Chemical Chem-Tech PULSAFEEDER Model S Series 100 X003 (3 gpd) 7 BAR

Specification and Model Selection

  • Model : S
  • Series : 100
  • Type : X003 (3 gpd)

The Chem-Tech Series 100 is the standard by which all other dosing pump are judged, Chem-Tech Series 100/150 provide quiet, consistent metering over long periods of time in a compact form.

A tried-and-true electric motor transfer power via a sealed gearbox and accentric cam foe smooth, reliable dosing.

Simple, adjustable system with knab and locking lever provide easy flow rate control and turndown.

The compact, injection-molded housing and clear pump head offer both affordability and chemical resistance.

The industri grade, low-stress diaphgram provides long life, even in dusty cycles.

Series 100 models – The preferred metering pumps for water conditioning professionals around the world. Perfect for applications where economical, consistent performace is required. Capable of a wide range of flows, from less than 3 USGPD (0.47 lph) up to 30 USGPD (4.72 lph) and pressure up to 100 PSIG (7 BAR)

Series 150 Models – Built upon the same solid platform as the 100 models, these units are capable of higher flow rates. With a range offering up to 100 USGPD (15.76 lph), the Series 150 can meet the demands of large applications. Maximum pressure is 60 PSIG (4.2 BAR)


  • Guided quad check valve system
  • Bleed valve assembly standard
  • Feed rate control
  • Duplex model’s both series are configurable for dosing two chemicals at different rates

Operating Benefits

  • Reliable metering performance
  • Sealed gear train
  • Easy tube change-out
  • Self priming
  • Chemical resistant materials
  • Simple installation

Engineering Data

  • Viscosity max CPS : 30 CPS
  • Power Input :
    – 115 VAC/ 60 Hz
    – 230 VAC/ 50 Hz
    – 230 VAC/ 60 Hz
  • Temperature limitations : 125°F/ 51°C max
  • Shipping weight : 8 lbs/ 3.63 kg

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