ARF50 Air Filter Regulator

Technical Data :

Sensitivity   25.4mm water column
Flow Capacity   565LPM
Exhaust Capacity(5psi above,20psi set point)   2.8LPM
Effec of Supply Pressure Variation(25psi) On Outlet Pressure < 0.2PSI(0.01bar)
Max. Input Pressure  1700KPa
Output Pressure Range   0-200KPa; 0-400KPa; 0-800KPa
Filtration:   5um
Temperature Range  -18˚C to 71˚C
Total Air Consumption at Max. Output:  2.8LPM
Port Size:  1/4˚NPT
Outline Dimension:  81 x 80 x 184mm
Weight  0.8 Kg(1.76Lbs)
Meterial of Construction:  1.Body:Die-Cast Aluminum with vinyl paint       316SS(Option)                                                     2.Diaphragm:Buna-N Elastomer with Polyester Fabric.
 Mounting:  Bracket for pipe and panel

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